What this site is about

This website is a place to share patterns, architecture, studies and research on things realted to Web 2.0. The site is meant to cater to the architecture crowd and is therefore somewhat non-glamorous in terms of graphics.



Initial topics being handled include the following:

1. How Google and Yahoo use Adobe's Ichabod to index SWF content vs. HTML content including how it might be wieghted. Some great preliminary research is here.

2. A Catalog of Web 2.0 Patterns being teased out of things uncontentiously dubbed "Web 2.0". This research is being conducted by James Governor, Dion Hinchcliffe, Tim O'Reilly, Duane Nickull and Simon St. Laurent. (Password Protected)

3. Visual architecture reference into the use of forms on web based applications including what users like and do not like. Initial findings are to be posted 12.15.08.

More will be added as research becomes public.