What this site is about

This website is a place to share patterns, tutorials, code, architecture, studies and research on things related to Web 2.0 Architecture. The site is meant to cater to the architecture crowd and is therefore somewhat non-glamorous in terms of graphics.

Free Courses

You may download and take these self paced tutorials and use them to teach others (basically share and share alike)

1. AIR Boot Camp - this course was taught at Adobe MAX 2008. The course is being given out in hopes that others will take it and teach it at their companies or to user groups. You may download the AIR Tutorial from here: The course is laid out as follows:

| versions of slides
|-* AIRBootCampHandouts - what you give out to
| attendees if you teach it
|-AttendeeProjects - these are the starter projects for the
| students
|--CompletedProjects - the solutions for each of the 12 labs

* Use the handout as the Teachers Guide - a special guide for those who wish to teach this class.

2. Building Service Clients - Learn how to build Service Oriented (SOA) clients with Adobe Flex and AIR. In this hands-on session, you will explore how to build various service clients using the WSDL Import Wizard, hand-coded ActionScript 3.0, and simple REST-based services. Flash Remoting and performance metrics will also be covered. This session is intended for those who build front-end service clients for business applications.

3. Where 2.0 Map based RIA course. Where often begins with the notion of a location. Service Oriented Architecture allows mashup clients to use location based services for building rich, interactive media clients. This course focuses in on a hands on approach with 6 map based projects using Adobe Flex and AIR.

4. Special Interest Code Kamp (SICK) Vancouver - this course is very long and contains over 100 pages of instructions for FLex Builder developers.

More will be added as research becomes public.